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Welcome to The project is about linking dialectal lemmata and forms, and their attestations in video transcriptions from, to Basque lexemes on Wikidata. To this end, we are also updating Wikidata content (standard Basque lexemes and lexeme forms as attested in ETC corpus).

This project is a cooperation of Badihardugu Euskara Elkartea and EHU research group "Euskararen Historia eta Hizkuntzalaritza Historiko-Alderatua ikerketa talde kontsolidatua". This cooperation has been initiated and funded by Wikimedia Basque Country.

Project talk is here (Basque):

Ongi etorri gunera. Eztabaidagune honetan gaude:

What's in this database?

In this section you find SPARQL queries that may be used for exploring Ahotsak Wikibase content.


  • Example standard lexeme: beldur.
  • Example dialectal lexeme: bildur.
  • Standard Basque lexemes with at least one form, and number of ETC forms: Query.
  • Lexemes with most forms: Query.
  • Basque dialectal lexemes and number of Ahotsak dialectal forms: Query.
  • Standard Basque lexemes on this Wikibase, and their Wikidata and Elhuyar links, POS: Query.
  • Standard Basque lexemes on this Wikibase, and the number of linked Wikidata lexemes: Query.


  • Most frequent grammatical features and realizations: Query.
  • Most frequent grammatical features bar chart: Query.
  • Longest morpheme chains: Query.

Dialects and locations

  • Basque dialects ( Zuazo model): Query.
  • Example location Otxandio.
  • Basque dialects and number of municipalities: Query.
  • Basque dialects and people living in their areas (takes inhabitants of municipalities from Wikidata): Federated Query. (Caveat: not all of them speak Basque...)